How Vaping Helps Smokers Quit Cigarettes

How Vaping Helps Smokers Quit Cigarettes
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Smoking is the number one preventable cause of death in Canada today. With more than 37,000 smoking-related Canadians each year, six times the amount of vehicle collisions, AIDs-related deaths, and murders combined, dying from cancer and lung-related diseases as a result of smoking cigarettes, there is a huge movement in the direction of vaping.

Vaping is quite simply the inhaling or ingestion of water vapor e-juices (variety of nicotine and natural flavoring) through a mechanical device that can be charged up and decorated with accessories. It’s a safe, sustainable alternative to smoking cigarettes that is able to provide smokers with their smoking and nicotine fixes.

Smoking e-cigarettes is the number one most effective way to get smokers to quit cigarettes, and here’s how:

1. Nicotine Withdrawal:

The most addictive part of smoking cigarettes is the nicotine high. Nicotine is so highly addictive that people need to be slowly and carefully weaned off of it if they want a life past smoking. With e-cigarettes, the amount of nicotine is significantly less than cigarettes, and can vary depending the e-juice. Instead of using a nicotine patch, you’re able to wean yourself off of nicotine with an e-cigarette while still going through the motion of inhaling and exhaling water vapor. It tricks your brain into thinking its receiving the smoking satisfaction it desires.


2. Muscle Memory:

Continuing our point above, your body has developed a muscle memory reliance on smoking cigarettes. Using a patch isn’t effective because you do not go through the physical motions of putting a cigarette up to your mouth. In order to keep your body in its comfortable rhythm, e-cigarettes enable you to feel like you’re still truly smoking.


3. Cleanliness:

As a smoker, you’re probably used to people telling you that you stink and your clothes wreak of cigarette smoke. It’s neither a good look nor something that people want to hang around if they are non-smokers. With vaping, you’ll carry zero cigarette smell with you in your hair or in your clothes. The newfound cleanliness will make more people want to hang around you. By befriending more non-smoking friends, you’ll find it easier to step away from the nicotine.


4. Socialization:

Every time you need to smoke a cigarette, you have to step away from the party, the dinner, or the gathering to be alone and exhale your smoke. You tend to bond with the one or two other people there who have to do the same thing. Instead, with a vaporizer, you can rejoin the party and start enjoying life from the perspective of someone who is a non-smoker. This kind of social inclusion will inspire you to keep it up and remove the time of your life when you snuck away from the party to suck down cigarette smoke.

The latest research on e-cigarettes, from a British Medical Journal study published this summer, confirmed that e-cigarette users attempting to quit cigarette smoking succeeded in quitting at higher rates than nonusers. From nicotine levels, to that all-too-familiar muscle memory of smoking, e-cigarettes are a healthier, cleaner, and more affordable route to living a non-smoking lifestyle.



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