The Top 4 Benefits of Vaping

The Top 4 Benefits of Vaping
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E-cigarettes are still a fairly new invention today. Created in 2003 by a 52-year old pharmacist, inventor, and smoker in Beijing, the art of vaping has increased in popularity just in the last 5-years. As such a new form of “public smoking” available to us today, not everyone is aware of the immense benefits that come from vaping over smoking regular cigarettes.

If you’re ready to learn about the top 4 benefits of smoking e-cigarettes, follow below:

  1. Healthier Option:

We’re not trying to convince you that smoking e-cigarettes is the best thing in the world for you body. But, what we do know is that it is exponentially better for you and your health than smoking cigarettes. Vaporizers rely on water vapor, e-juice, and nicotine to deliver you with the same sensations of inhaling and exhaling smoke. You still get your nicotine rush, though at a much lower dosage than regular cigarettes. At the end of the experience, you’ve officially smoked an e-cigarette without inhaling any carcinogens into your body. E-cigarettes do not contribute to the development of cancer.

  1. Affordability:

Many people are deterred from the “startup costs” associated with smoking e-cigarettes. You need to buy the vaporizer, e-juice, charger, and other accessories that go along with vaping. However, once you have this covered, your materials will last for years while you simply need to replace the juice. Overall, you’ll save thousands compared to buying a cigarette pack every other day that can cost an upwards of $12 today.

  1. No Residue:

Smoking cigarettes can be a pain. You need to have an ashtray, a place to smoke that is away from people, and a garbage can to properly dispose of the cigarette butt. With a vaporizer, you can simply whip it out, load it up, and enjoy your experience anywhere you want. Vaping doesn’t come with the smelly cigarette residue, and you’ll never have to worry about dumping your ashes once you’re done again.

  1. Improved Sensory Recall:

Did you know that the smoke and tar from tobacco in cigarettes limits your sense of taste as well as your sense of smell? Using e-cigarettes, you’ll be able to taste and smell the wonderful tastes and smells of this world again. Instead of burning away your sensory nerves, you can reacquaint yourself with your taste and smell recall.


Why You Should Switch To Vaping 

Vaping is not only better for you, it’s more convenient, less expensive, and a safer option when compared to cigarettes today. You can vape wherever you want, whenever you want, while preventing lung cancer development in your body. It’s a win-win-win for your health, your senses, and your wallet.




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