The Most Vape Friendly Cities In North America

The Most Vape Friendly Cities In North America
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Looking for a friendly vape shop in North America? Check out the most vape friendly cities in North America!

Whether you live there or perhaps you’re just visiting on holiday or business, North America is a big place crammed full of vape shops. Vaping has exploded in popularity around the world in the last decade. Despite many governments bringing in tough legislation aimed at controlling vaping, vaping is continuing to grow in popularity at an astounding rate. Nowhere is this truer than in North America where local companies are opening vape shops and creating some of the best vape brands in the industry. If you’re going to be spending some time in North America, then it makes sense if you’re a vaper that you’d like to the visit the cities that are pro vaping.

In such a large area we wouldn’t blame you if you’re struggling to find the most vape friendly cities in North America, but don’t start worrying just yet. To save you a lot of time we have done the research for you and come up with the most vape friendly cities in North America. We’ll give you seven of the most vape friendly cities in North America and why they made our awesome list. If you have been trying to quit smoking and you’re considering

Enough about vaping! We ranked all the cities across North America for their excise taxes, licensing, harm reduction, and environmental prohibitions. Let’s get straight to seven of the most vape friendly cities in North America and why they made it onto our list!

Virginia Beach, VA – Across North America Virginia Beach was ranked as one of the most vape friendly cities! It’s no easy feat to make it to the top of this list. There are a few different environmental prohibitions on vaping in certain public areas, but nothing that most other cities aren’t also enforcing. Virginia Beach is definitely pro-vaping, and that’s what has boosted them to the top of the list!

Albuquerque, NM – Albuquerque squeaked into our list of most vape friendly cities in North America and landed in the number two spot! They graded just a little lower than Virginia Beach for their harm reduction policies but ranked for all other areas.

Mesa, Arizona – Coming in at number three on the list of most vape friendly cities in North America in Mesa, AZ. Arizona is a great state for vaping, and all up has three cities worthy of our most popular vape city list.

Tuscon, AZ – Only just missing out on the coveted top three position is Tuscon, Arizona. They lost a few points for overall harm reduction but in the scheme of things their policies and positive attitude towards vaping and e-cigarettes have done them and their citizens very well.

Phoenix, AZ – The last of our Arizona cities, Phoenix makes it in our best cities for vaping at spot number five. They ranked well almost all the way across the board for everything except overall harm reduction.

Colorado Springs, CO – Colorado is known to be a proactive state, but they have also made it into our list for most vape friendly cities with the city of Colorado Springs! They lost a few points on harm reduction policies, but everything else they ranked very well on. If you have been thinking about vaping and visiting Colorado, then head over to Colorado Springs.

Denver, CO Coming in at number seven on our list of most friendly vape cities in North America is the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado. Who would have thought that Colorado’s two largest cities would have been able to provide us with two amazing vaping friendly

If you’re visiting North America and have been searching for a friendly city that welcomes vaping, then here are seven of the best cities to choose from! Don’t be afraid to get around and visit all of North America, but for the friendliest vape cities, these are the cities that you want to visit most of all. If you love vaping and know of any other cities that are great places for vaping and have some fantastic vape shops, then give them a shout out below and let us all in on your secrets!

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