The Best 10 Vape Shops in New York

The Best 10 Vape Shops in New York
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Looking for a vape shop in New York? We have compiled a list of the best 10 vape shops in New York!


Finding a great vape shop is never easy, especially if you’re new to a big city like New York. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best 10 vape shops in New York to save you the hassle of searching them all out. Finding a vape shop with great customer service and a large variety of high-quality vaporizers and e-liquids. New York has packed some premium vape shops into its city streets, with competition fueling innovation and excellence.


1- Vapeology 101

New York’s Vapeology 101 is a high-end vape shop which specializes in whatever your vaping needs may be! They specialize in a wide range of premium e-liquid, vaporizers, vaping accessories which all offer customers a better alternative than smoking traditional tobacco products. Vapeology 101 offers over 100 different premium e-liquid flavors for their customers to choose from.

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2- DrSmoke

DrSmoke specializes in a wide range of vaporizers, e-liquids, vaping accessories and even traditional tobacco products. Like a modern version of a traditional tobacconist, DrSmoke has all your smoking needs covered! Friendly service and a large variety of smoking products.

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3- Cloud99 Vapes

Cloud 99 Vapes is lucky enough to boast two different locations, one in the East Village in New York, and the other in Nanuet, New York. Both locations stock the full range of Cloud99 Vapes e-liquid, mods, vaporizers, vaping accessories, and herb and wax attachments. They have a wide range of vaping products combined with a team of friendly and professional staff members that are knowledgeable about vaping and will be able to satisfy your vaping needs.

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4- Jam Juice Vape Shop

When it comes to comfortable and relaxing vape shops, the premium setup at Jam Juice Vape Shop has it all! This premium vaping shop and lounge will allow you to sit back in style and sample their premium range of e-juices in comfort, or shop for high-quality vaporizers.

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5- Vape Addiction LES

If you have been thinking of quitting smoking and interested in vaping, then you need a vape shop which stocks a full range of quality vaping accessories. Vape Addiction LES has a high-quality range of e-liquids, vaping accessories, vaporizers, mods, and everything you’ll need to get started vaping and put the cigarettes behind you.

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6- Nimbus Vape and Smoke Shop

You want a vape shop with a huge selection of e-juices, and Nimbus Vape and Smoke Shop have bucket loads of e-liquids for you to choose from! They also stock all your vaping needs like coils, atomizers, mods and vaporizer kits for beginners. Their team are more than happy to help with whatever questions you may have about vaping and will happy to help you get started vaping.

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7- Vape NY

Vape NY caters to all your vaping and smoking needs. If it’s vaping or smoking-related, they have you covered. With a full range of vaporizers, vaping accessories, e-liquids and tobacco products you won’t leave the store empty-handed.

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8- City Vape

Want to quit smoking cigarettes but don’t know where to start? Then head over to City Vape and check out their full range of vaping accessories designed to make quit smoking simple and pleasant. Their Astoria store has been up and running for over two years, and the customer reviews don’t lie! With a huge range of exciting and delicious e-liquids in stock, your hardest decision will be how many can you carry out?

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9- Dragon Vapes NYC

Dragon Vapes NYC is a vaping boutique like none you have ever visited before! This boutique is vaping store stocks a large selection of premium vape juices and e-liquids, vaporizers, beginner kits, and premium mods for those that love to chase huge fluffy clouds of vapor.

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10- Ultimate Vapor Source

The final shop in our best 10 vape shops in NY, the Ultimate Vapor Source! They run this store with a full team of friendly and professional staff members that are experienced in vaping and will be able to answer any questions which you may have. The Ultimate Vapor Source stocks a full range of e-liquids, vaporizers, vaping accessories, and beginner kits.

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