Dice RDA review by Vaping Biker

Vaping Biker reviews The DICE RDA by Vaper In Town. The Dice RDA isn’t expensively made, it’s not high end, and it’s not close to MTL, it is a giggle, cloudy, and airy as fook – and importantly, the Dice RDA is CHEAP! Watch the video THE DICE RDA BY VAPER IN TOWN NEW SOLD […]

Dice RDA review by The Layman Vaper

Overview by The Layman Vaper A rundown and review of the Authentic Vaperintown DICE RDA. A Canadian Designed RDA that has been produced for vaperintown.com by Tobeco. This RDA is absolutely stellar for it’s options and overall quality! The DICE measures in at 24.3mm in diameter, 30mm in height, and 42.3mm with the drip tip […]


Overview The Goon RDA is a 24mm RDA that 528 Customs just unveiled as their collaboration with @blueeyedgoon83. Using an innovative “bridge clamp” design unrivaled by any other design in the industry, it makes massive builds and installations super easy. Each bridge and deck is gold plated. The Goon RDA is available in copper, stainless […]

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