About us

As a vaper, it is always important to have all my vaping materials with me any time I need it. Craving nicotine is critical for me. While travelling to another city for holidays or any other reason, I always pack my luggage with enough e-juice, cotton, wires, several mods,batteries, RTA, RDA, tools for my builds.. Always to make sure I will not miss anything.. and that makes life difficult as I get a lot of stuff worried to miss anything..

Would it be easier to carry only essential stuff and in case I missed anything I could buy it from any nearby shop?

While visiting other cities, I always look on google map if there are vaping shops around. Information wasn’t always accurate, most of vape shops aren’t listed on Google maps.

Vaper In Town was the solution. The one and the only unique vaping web site where vapers could look up for shops in any area within North America, on map by location, or even by category etc.. Even to know what products do they have, what promotions and offers they provide.

Vaper In Town should be the only reference for any vaper, even conventions and exhibitions information, you can find even any new product and how much does it cost in every shop.

Vaper In Town have it all, shops, promotions, prices comparisons, new products once on market, mapping all shops by location, exhibition information, and even special discounts for members..